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The world is changing rapidly and the old ways of doing product development are fast becoming outdated. To stay ahead companies must use all the means they can to gain an advantage over their competitors. The smart corporations are now realising that large one-stop-shop consultancies or academic institutions aren’t always the best solutions for new product development. What’s important is finding people with fresh thinking, a can do approach, and the means to make things happen quickly.

We are a nimble company because of our size and the methodologies we employ. Within our niche area of engineering product development we will outperform many large consultancies when it comes to delivering good prototypes in a short timeframe. Due to this fact, increasingly we are engaged by blue chip companies to work in parallel with the larger, more comprehensive but slower consultancies.

We have our own hand-picked network of specialists who we turn to for other expertise such as, legislation compliance, advanced electronics, 3D printing, rapid machining etc. These are the best of the bunch with good turnaround times and reliable results, not just folk that happen to work here.

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