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We also deliver rapid CNC and manual machining of metal parts and polymers. In addition have suppliers for everything from rapid injection moulding to laser cutting.


We specialise in help you get things made quickly. We do the value added front end design in house.


Using only the best suppliers of rapid prototyping services available within the UK and Ireland we ensure your prototypes are high quality and IP guarded. We have NDA agreements in place with all our prototype suppliers and won’t send your design files off shore without your permission and without a very good reason.

In today’s competitive market place if you’re not using the latest tools then chances are your lagging behind your competitors. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build up a high level of knowledge and a reliable supplier network for rapid prototyping. We have had hundreds of parts printed using a variety of methods including SLA, SLS and more recently direct metal laser sintering. We understand how to design parts for successful 3D printing. That’s why a leading UK 3D printing bureau refers so many clients to us. They know we are reliable and understand the limitations of the process.

By assembling the final prototypes ourselves we get to check our work to see if the design is as good as we hoped. This means that by the time we deliver the prototype to you we will often be able to recommend to you any improvements that can be made, yet again shortening the design cycle time.

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